Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's Over

After a nail-biting win last week in Indy, securing their spot in Wild Card Weekend, my Tennessee Titans lost to the Chargers today. :( Man!! I don't know if I'm more let down or relieved .... playoff games are so stressful! I'm sure Kate is joining me in my sadness, as her beloved Redskins fell to the Seahawks on Saturday.
My only remaining hope for this year is that somebody - anybody - can take down the puffed-up Patriots! Enough, already! (My apologies to any gentle readers who may be Patriots fans ... you know - hate the sin, but love the sinner! LOL ) Here's to hoping we get a Super Bowl that is actually worth watching for the game and not just the commercials!
Oh, well, there's always next year! Congrats to the Titans for making it this far after a roller-coaster season!



Kate said...

Oh girl. In the depths of me, I know that pain. It runs so deep. (I'm not being dramatic!) I was rooting for the Titans, because you see, Norv Turner used to coach the Skins - some of the worst seasons we had were under him - and I just couldn't be rooting for his Chargers when he couldn't even do that for the Skins (ok once they went to the playoffs under him but still...).

Saturday's game for us was U.G.L.Y. We had it for a few min, and then - boom boom boom - three back to back touchdowns in the last few minutes and it was over.


Robert Covington said...

Look at the bright side. Your team could be the Dolphins!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Kate, I feel your pain.
Robert, good point!