Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Athena, Elmo, and Snow

As the title suggests, we've had a busy few days. We went out of town for my sweet niece's 2nd birthday. It was a fun trip, but a lot of work. I won't beat around the bush: travelling with 5 kids (two of which are toddlers) is just plain exhausting, even if it's fun!

We stayed with my sister and it was fun to spend our evenings catching up, even though we were too late getting into bed. We had a fun birthday party with not one, but two Elmo cakes (that's how big my family is when we all get together!) We also took a fun field trip to the Parthenon (and the colossal Athena statue) in Nashville, since we are studying Ancient Greece. But that's for another post.

We came home and enjoyed playing in what was left of the "big" snow event here in Georgia. Now we're trying to quickly get back into routine and get some school work done before my brother and his family arrive for a visit this weekend!

Here are some quotables from the last week:
"And I ate one of his eyes!" 8yo M., telling Daddy which part of the Elmo cake she ate.
"No ... it's my-grain!" 3 yo A., drawing a picture of my "migraine" on the magna doodle on our road trip.
"Mine!!" 20 month old K's new word. We're thrilled.
"Mom, do I have time to check my email?" A sign that we do indeed have a teen in the house! 13 yo. S, wanting to check his inbox before heading to Master's Academy of Fine Arts.
"Look - we're Ice-Boarding!" 11yo C., making the best of what little snow remains - sliding on a piece of cardboard across an ice puddle in the driveway.

That's what's going on here this week. Head on over to Mary's place for more Tiny Talk!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh...the sign of growing up...the internet :)

The "mine" word...kills me!

Meg said...

Don't you love how they are learning new words...My-grain. Makes sense to me!

Kate said...

I would have loved to have seen how the migraine looked on the Magna Doodle!!!!
Hope you all are doing well! :)

Robert Covington said...

What exactly does a migraine look like? :-)