Thursday, January 17, 2008


Since my other Atlanta friends are posting snow pictures on their blogs, I thought I'd join in. We have not seen the white stuff in this town since we moved here in January of 2005. Unlike Lane's kids, who have never seen snow, mine remember it from our time living in Tennessee and they really miss it. So imagine our delight to discover what we southerners would deem a "blizzard" falling at dinnertime yesterday!

We fired up the Cocoa Latte (one of my very favorite Christmas presents - thanks, Emily!) and enjoyed hot chocolate and big, fluffy flakes while the fun lasted. As Kate says here, it was a nice break from the yo-yo weather we've been having! The kids had a blast making snowballs, "sledding," and creating some very muddy snow angels. They stayed out well past dark and finally came in for dinner around 8pm, when the snow began to change into sleet. So much fun!

A. was a baby for that snowfall in '05, so this is the first snow he remembers. He had fun trying to catch the snowflakes on his tongue!


Kate said...

i can't see the pic of A - re-post it. there may be a break in the code.

did ya hear it may snow more tonight? the kids are stoked. even if it is just an inch!

Kate said...

ok - nevermind on the pic - it just reloaded for me. i don't know what i'm talking about half the time... i just thought break in the code sounded good. ;)

The Small Scribbler said...

The Cocoa Latte. We used it all winter two years ago. Perfect for a snowy night. Lucky you. We got rain.


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh...we got some fun snow here too. Course, I need a cocoa latte to go with it :0)

jennifer h said...

Enjoy the snow! Those of us significantly north of Atlanta just have lots of cold air. We have only had one big snow this year, and we really had no big ones last year. My kids always beg to go to my mom's in PA for a real snow. Have fun while it lasts!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Guess what?? We're in Tennessee visiting famiy, and I heard Hotlanta is in for even more snow - maybe the best in five years! My kids are so bummed that we'll miss it! Maybe there will be some left when we get back!