Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Important Rules

Rules I made for myself. Rules I often ignore. Yet, when I follow these rules, life just works better around here.
Rule No. 1: Stay home on Mondays. I made this rule about 10 years ago and when I abide by it, my whole week just goes better. Saturday's a work/prep for Sabbath day; Sunday's the Sabbath. A quiet Monday at home allows us to catch up without feeling pressured. It takes some discipline and learning to say, "no," but I will have margin in my week!

Rule No. 2: Rest for 30 min each afternoon. Yeah, right! I have 5 kids and I homeschool! Despite that, if I carve out time to relax and refuel in the afternoon, I am a much nicer person in the evening. Without it, I'm a zombie by dinner and too exhausted to enjoy the sweetest time of the day - when the whole family is together. Even working furiously all day, I still don't get everything accomplished, so why not take a short break that will benefit everyone?

What makes your life tick?


mom24 said...

Working on Sunday always ruins the week for me. And my getting to bed late is the worst for everyone in the family! Yes - we need to stick to our 'rules' for the sake of our family and to be able to glorify God nin our work!

jennifer h said...

The Monday at home rule sounds like a good one. I need to be more disciplined about several things, and this sounds like a good discipline to incorporate into my plan.

Melissa Lester said...

Starting the day with prayer, exercise and Bible study helps me feel balanced during the day. When I allow circumstances to interrupt this schedule for too long, my days become much more difficult.

Wendy said...

I try to do that on Mondays too. Mondays is my laundry/cleaning day.

I'm trying to be better at meal planning right now - making a menu and shopping by what I need for it. Sounds easy when I write it down like that, but I've been inconsistent w/it.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Great rules, especially for a homeschooling mom. I might adopt the home on Mondays next year for sure.

Right now we have our 1 hour rest time. I have to stick to the reading the bible during that time or else it doesn't happen so easily!

I think rules help to keep everyone sane and allow things to go smooth!

We gaurd natimes for little ones around here like vigilanties too ;)