Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Overheard, "BLT" Edition

I have not been very good about writing down quotes from all the kiddos lately, but every 5 minutes something funny comes out of A's mouth. The 3-year-old formerly known as the BLT (Busy Little Toddler) always has a busy mind, busy body, and - happy for you - a busy mouth!

Since I'm worried I'll not remember the cute things he used to say, I thought I would first take a walk down memory lane.

"Gulley, gulley, gulley" 12 mo. old - the sound A. would make, with paci in mouth, when we were tucking him in at night. We all loved the "gulley gulley."
"ka wass, kie" tr. "car wash - cry" At 18 mo. he was deathly afraid of the carwash and would tell perfect strangers how he cried. Who knew that this phobia would become an obsession?
"If you have a valid wash code, please enter wash code." The phrase uttered hundreds of times, at the peak of his car wash obsession, when he would act out the process with his cozy coupe under the swingset. age 2 1/2 - 3.

Now for the recent chatter...

"Hey Mom! God made the birds!...and the sky!...and everything!...and His glory!"

"Mom, when I eat this, it will go down into my stomach." "Yes, A, it will." "And then it will go down to my reflections!" tr. "intestines" A's current obsession is the human body.

"I want to watch 101 Salvations!" tr. "Dalmatians" - he recently saw the classic animated version for the first time and loved it.

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Robert Covington said...

This child just melts my heart!

I am glad one salvation is sufficient and we don't need 101!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Amen, Brother!

mom24 said...

What is it that's so doggone cute about the sucking noises they make? Ours says "Oyoyoyoy" with his thumb and we all copy the sound!
I think these things kids say are just little gifts from God to warm our hearts!

jennifer h said...

Really cute & funny stuff about the carwash!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL - 101 salvations - yep, bring on that movie DAILY!

I absolutely love the car wash thing - how cute is that! So sweet. I love how they tell anyone the things that stand out in their minds!

Happy TTT to you and your adorable little guy who is growing up so fast!