Monday, May 19, 2008

Music for a Monday in May

I love Indelible Grace Music! They occupy more space on my iPod than even U2 - and that's saying something. Matthew Smith played an awesome concert at our church last fall and I'm hoping to catch them live in concert somewhere in Georgia this summer. If you want to know more or buy CDs, go to their site and check it out. Good stuff!

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mom24 said...

NICE music! I love the music that is available to believers these days - so many talented artists out there!
Funny - U2 has always been my fave! Went to a couple concerts in college. Haven't listened to them in a while though - does that mean I'm getting old...out of touch...? ;-)
Took J to Prince Caspian last fri - he LOVED it (especially the fighting, of course)! Have you taken anyone yet?