Monday, April 28, 2008

A's "Did Do" List

I may be only 3 1/2, but I had a busy day. Here's what I did:
- played "Great Adventures" with M.(9) and C. (11) in the playroom after breakfast
- watched "The Magic School Bus: Under Construction"
- inspired by MSB, built duplo "bridges"over the sinks in Mommy's bathroom
- ate a hot dog that went "into my neck and down to my tummy to make me grow!"
- played 2 games of Sorry with Mom ... I am such a good counter that I made it all the way around the board by the count of 12!
- played 2 games of Blokus with Mom - well, really we just tried to cover the board with the pieces, without leaving any holes
- said, "I'm tired" so Mommy tucked me in for rest time with my favorite book, Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day


Robert Covington said...

With all of A,s gifts, I really have the feeling that God has something special in mind for him. I know his high level of giftedness requires an equally high level of management and disipline on your part. I pray daily that God will equip you to do it.

Kate said...

Put them on the front burner baby! Loved this one!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

the busy life of a three year old! Oh yes, we know it well here too!

What a great little guy.

Mike said...

Sounds like a very busy day to me. I love the bridge - maybe he is an engineer in the making. I second Robert's comments about 'level of management.'

About Janice said...

that is one busy boy! Good job with keeping his day full.