Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm still here. I haven't forgotten my friends in the blogworld. I have just been doing some thinking...
It's not so much that life has me busy (though we do have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks) as much as it is I feel convicted about my computer time. My kids have made a couple of comments recently that made me realize how often they see me sitting at the computer. I love blogging - and plan to continue - but I need to scale back and show my family that they are the priority in my life.
Life is good and the Lord has been good to us. We got through a round of stomach flu that went through 4 of us. We had an amazing trip to the GA mtns this weekend for hiking, resting, enjoying one another's company. I'm just trying to figure out where blogging - and even email - fits into family life in a way that's productive and doesn't leave me mindlessly saying for the 5th time, "yes...honey...i'll be there in a minute..." (which inevitably turns into 10 minutes)

So bear with my while I find the balance between computer, family, school, church, and so on. Anyone else feeling this tension?


Mary@notbefore7 said...

YES YES YES. I have really backed off a lot myself. (though it probably doesn't seem it) I write a lot of posts on the weekend when I have time and then can publish them throughout the week. That seems to work better for me.

I think a lot of blogging will go by the wayside as I have to redo an entire house and begin homeschooling officially in the fall. (ever heard of winters promise....no, I'll never stop asking you questions...*wink)

Yes, I feel the tension somedays when I find myself sneaking down to the computer for just a few minutes. I am thinking it needs to be somewhere inconvenient in the next house so it doesn't "stare" at me all day.

In the meantime, I should be doing bills right now!

mom24 said...

Oh goodness, YES! I love blogging but cannot even allow myself to sit own at the computer during the day or I can feel the 6yo eyes rolling behind me as I say "Just a minute" again!
This is something I could NEVER stand about my software designing dh (one of the few things that bug me) - watching the kids stare at his back while he sits at the computer. And yet since I've started blogging, I've found myself in that position! Such a lesson for me for sure!
Yes - the family must come first! But I think that if we are faithful to GOd in making this our priority, then He may allow us to have some fun in blog time, huh?

Andrea (off to get off the computer now...really...)

Wendy said...

I've been backing off too. It is easy to get on here thinking I will check one thing and then I get sucked in. You are a wise mother for taking a break and figuring out where the balance is.

I'm so glad everyone is healthy now and you are enjoying some time together! I missed hearing from you, but definitely understand. :)

About Janice said...

Of course! Balance is such a tricky maneuver. I applaud you. The last month has been full of computer time for me due to my parents' visa issues in China, so now that I've done all I can for them I'm GLADLY stepping back and realizing how much better holding and teaching my young'ns and cuddling up with Jeff are than my computer "to do's". My blog has suffered, but my stress is more manageable! Again, with the encouragement. You're great.

Cathy said...

For sure!
We had our 6th graders keep a media log for Sunday school and I did it too. An eye-opener! I too am trying to cut back and also to use the computer mostly when I can't be with my family - naptime or night.
Balance is like reformation...a dynamic thing... a verb...always happening!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Cathy- I love what you said about balance being dynamic. It's so true. I tend to think that once I get life balanced, it will stay that way. But it doesn't. Some wind comes along and blows the scales off-kilter and I must begin all over. Thanks for that thought!

60 toes said...

Yes, the comments from the kids always make me sad for some of the choiced I make regarding the computer, talk about conviction. God can sure use them as mouth pieces. I will be thrilled to hear from you when you get the chance. I totally relate.