Tuesday, April 15, 2008


"Ah! There's a DS game in the queso!" 13yo S making a discovery while getting his lunch. And you thought only cereal had prizes!
"Mom, can I have an apple? I need to grow!" 3yo A, who is disappointed when he doesn't see immediate results from said growing.
"When I get bigger, I will be a daddy. And when Daddy gets tiny, he will be my kid." A again - he's had growing up on the brain this week. Not yet, my boy, not yet. You're at such a fun age...

"Mama - ook!" 23 month old K's new phrase, repeated 100 times a day when she wants to show me something.
K's word: "elbow" translation: "Elmo"

"Mom, we're developing a strong relationship with A." 11yo C, with music to a mother's ears after months of encouraging grace and patience with a rambunctuous 3-year-old.

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mom24 said...

Those are some good ones! You probably overhear a lot with 5 little ones! Funny how interested in growing they are at this age - but it does happen too fast, huh?

LOVE the jellyfish pic!