Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week 19 Report

This week was like so many at our house... our routine was interrupted; we were mosty just "doing the next thing" in our homeschool. We spent the better part of Wednesday helping out a neighbor whose car rolled into a ditch. (Everyone's ok.) Valentine's Day was spent making cards and cookies for friends. S. (13) was sick for 2 days, which seemed to make everyone less productive.

So here's what we accomplished...

Schoolwork done together:
Bible - Continued following the story of God leading the way as the Israelites take possession of the Promised Land. Read from Vos story Bilbe and from the Reformation Study Bible. We have a total of 3 different Holy Land maps taped to the kitchen wall (we do Bible at lunchtime) because no single map showed what we wanted. A (3yo) likes to climb in a chair and point to the "Dead Water" and "Bethlehem." I love maps. S. loves maps. M. is a geography whiz. Seems A. got the geography gene, too.

History - Not too much history, outside of what they learned at Master's Academy. They've now moved ahead of where we are at home ... discussing the beginnings of the Roman Republic. We're still wrapping up Alexander the Great. We also updated our timeline - we hadn't added any Greek figures. (We ordered our timeline here a few years ago - love it!)

Nature Study - consisted of enjoying all the cute and funny things the new kitty, Odysseus, does. A. and M. helped Daddy refill all the birdfeeders around the yard. No journal work this week.

S. (13)
Math - completed 2 lessons in Saxon Algebra 1/2: one on volume and one on order of operations with fractions
Grammar - began unit on nouns in A Beka Grammar and Comp. I
Spelling - finished a couple of Apples drills
Writing - second draft of Gollum & Biblo compare/contrast essay
Literature - read several chapters in Screwtape Letters - he's thoroughly enjoying that. I've not assigned any writing for this book yet. I'm focusing on discussing the themes / style of the book.
Copywork - Worked on Joshua 10:40 ... didn't get to dictation yet.

C. (11)
Math - 3 lessons in Abeka Arithmetic 5 ... still working through fractions
Grammar - more work with adjectives and diagramming
Spelling - several Apples drills
Writing - typed final draft of Athens & Sparta compare/contrast essay - it was much shorter than I thought once he typed it out. We'll have to work on writing longer essays...
Literature - continued reading Hittite Warrior and mapping Uriah's travels
Copywork - a passage from Hittite Warrior describing a character - I liked the colorful language the author used and thought it would be an inspiration to C. to be more descriptive in his own writing. The passage also contained a lot of commas ... everyone needs practice with comma usage! ;-)
History - read from Kingfisher History Encyc. on Alexander the Great and the Hellenizing of his empire. Completed his first sentence outline on the entry. Needs much more practice on those!

M. (8)
Math - began unit on measuring and perimeter - she seemed to enjoy her little taste of geometry ;-)
Grammar - finished unit on possessives and direct quotations
Phonics - more work in Adventures in Phonics C
Reading / Literature - read several chapters in Tales from the Odyssey, vol. 1 - she's really enjoyng reading a more challenging book with exciting characters. I'm enjoying watching her reading skills take off.
Copywork - a fun sentence about Odysseus and the Trojan Horse
History - Added Alexander's Empire to her map of Greece

A. (3) - Preschool
We didn't do much official preschool work - and that's ok. We didn't read as many stories as we usually do ... I typically read to him when I'm tucking him for nap/rest time and he skipped that several days this week due to all the excitement of neighbors visiting and Valentines.

When we were washing up the cookie mess, A. asked me, "Mom, where does the [sink] water go? Into the cabinets?" So I opened up the cabinet and showed him the white pipes that catch drain water. Then we went to the basement and he was amazed to see the same white pipe running along the ceiling and into the crawl space. We proceeded to have a fun conversation about plumbing, followed by reading about water pipes in a page from Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day. It really was a fun "teachable moment." The highlight was when we stopped at a gas station later in the day and actually saw a plumber soldering copper pipe. Made A.'s day! So cute!

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