Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"When I grow up, I want to be a Barbarian!" - 4yo A. announced one day at dinner. We all laughed and told him he pretty much already is.

"Mom, I want to know all the things about electricity and wires. Can you tell me about wires?" - A showing his insatiable curiosity about the world around him

"oh, no! wah happen?" (tr. what happened?) a favorite exclamation of 2yo K, heard many times a day.

"No Dahdoo!" another phrase uttered many times a day by little K, screaming her brother's name in her own wild animal voice

"kugga kugga KYOO KYOO!" (tr. chugga chugga choo choo)- 2yo K, playing with the Thomas Trains.

"That sure is one pretty governor!" - not-quite-12 yo C, while watching Sarah Palin at the RNC.

"Yes, I am a fairy princess." 9yo M, adorned in gossamer wings and a cape, while playing with The Littles -with just enough pre-teen irony in her voice to be sure no one thought she was enjoying it too much.

"Mom, I sent you a piece of flair." almost-14 yo S, while on his page of a social networking site - further proof that I am, indeed, the parent of a teenager

That's what was overheard at the Next Thing house. Go visit Not Before 7 for some more Tiny Talk.


About Janice said...

yay for tiny talk! I remember the days when A was the littlest tiny talker. They're growing up so fast. And I love the Palin comment from C!

Robert said...

A. does not have far to go to achieve Barbarian status :-)

jennifer h said...

Cute. Cute. I love the train noises.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh these are so telling of their ages. I love how your record this.

Pre-teen...oh boy...

and your son sending your flair on fa..bk? LOL! I can wait on those days too....heehehe!

Love the glimpse into your house!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those were so sweet!! I have to start recording those kinds of funny sayings!! =) One thing I always find funny, is when I accidentally call my husband's cell from my cell in my purse, and it goes to his voicemail because he can't carry it at work... and the random recording is always so funny (sometimes embarassing) to listen to. The scary thing, is how often I am probably accidentally dialing OTHER people, and they pick up their phone and probably hear the wierdest, wackiest conversations going on!!! =)Ah, life with kids, never boring =)

Mike said...

I have laughed until my sides hurt over the desire to become a barbarian. I've entered it in my "quotes" journal.