Friday, June 15, 2007


Quotes flying around my house this week:

"All my Greeks are wimps!" - by 10yo ds C., while playing an historical trading card game called Anachronism.

"It's not dark anymore." - simply stated by 2yo ds A., after having awakened his 1yo sis K.L. more than 30 min. early this morning by climbing into her crib.

"It smells good, too." - 8yo dd M. describing the conditioner I applied to her hair - dry and without rinsing - because we couldn't find the tangle spray.

"Eye of the Tiger is a good song to workout to." - 12yo ds S., whose transition into young adulthood continues to stun me. It seems like only minutes ago that his favorite pasttimes were crunching cheerios and feeding his stuffed Elmo a bottle.

"Bi-puh" (translation - "diaper") - my sweet 1yo dd K.L. saying her second word. (The first being "hi" - a kind of breathy, musical "hi" that takes about 3 full seconds to say - so sweet. But when is she going to say, "Mama?")

"Hey...It's raining!" - not sure who said it, but here in parched and thirsty Georgia, it was music to our ears!

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Kate said...

Cute, cute, and cute! We're all very excited over rain too!