Friday, June 15, 2007

In Praise of Front-Loaders

Several weeks ago, thanks to a nice refund from Uncle Sam, we purchased a new washer/dryer set. My Mom has hounded me for years to get a new dryer, but I always insisted we keep it until it completely fell apart. Nevermind the fact that you had to dry everything twice!

When my good friend, Tina, became the third person in a space of 2 weeks to randomly mention how much she loved her front loading washer and new dryer ... I thought maybe I should investigate. Turns out, she was on to something! Not only do they wash massive amounts of clothing at once, but they do it better, more gently, and with less energy, water, and detergent! A time- and a money-saver! No brainer!

Yes, it was a big up-front investment, but one I highly recommend if you have not already joined the ranks of us Mommies entertaining ourselves (and our restless young 'uns) by watching the laundry spin at 1000 rpms!

The big pay-off: in our family of seven we used to do about 2 loads per day, with one day each week to catch up. Now, I do maybe one load per day and sometimes none at all. If I get behind, well I cram that sucker full of the equivalent of three loads and we're caught up in half a day! Hallelujah!

Now - if they would just invent a machine that could fold it all....


Kate said...

I want one!!! But my bottom end washer just does not want to give in... ugh.

Tricia said...

Do you mind my asking which brand/make you went with for your fabulous new machines??