Monday, July 16, 2007

Our Family Table

Lori at Glass Half Full began a "Family Table" tag and I decided to play! This is where we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is where we have family devotions and family meetings. Sometimes it's a school desk, sometimes a sewing table, most of the time it's just a big mess! Above all, it is where countless memories have been made.
It's old - note 2 of the original chairs have been dismembered and gone - My Sweetie bought it for me as a surprise when we only had three olive shoots sitting around the table. Now, with five, it's getting too small. Once our little K.L. outgrows the high chair, we will be in trouble! Praise be to Him who has done exceeding abundantly!

The green paint is new and the "runner" is a big sample of the fabric I'm planning to use to make window treatments. Someday maybe we'll get the whole room decorated!


Glass Half Full said...

Very nice -- love the green!!!

Thanks for participating.


Totallyscrappy said...

I love the green walls. I love your chairs; they're just like mine!
Come check out my table. :)

Elizabeth F. said...

I love the paint color and the big windows. You'll have to come see my Family Table...our dining areas are similar with the windows.

Peach said...

The green is lovely. I want to do our living area in a color of that same family of greens. The fabric is also really pretty.

Take another photo sometime once the window treatments are done. I'd love to see the transformation. : )

I found you via Kate at TateSchool/Picture A Day.

Michelle said...

Love the green! I also have green as a strong color in my home. Where ever you live is so lovely outside! Wonderful trees to look at over dinner!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, everybody, for the sweet comments! Yes, Michelle, we are truly blessed to have a backyard canopied by some gorgeous trees! Lots of fun wildlife, too. God is good - with 3 boys we need the space!

Dianne said...

I love my "Family Table" too. It is 29 yrs old! I have it covered with a cloth cause it is soooooo bad, I painted on it. Mom

Kate said...

The green paint looks GREAT!!

Wendy said...

Beautiful! It looks like you have a beautiful view, with all the trees.

And, I love the green!