Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Thoughts on Cutting With the Grain

I don't have time to blog - I shouldn't be sitting here at the computer. School is in full swing and my time is not my own. I feel led to share something, however, on the chance that it might just resonate with someone out there.

I heard Nancy Wilson speak this summer about "cutting with the grain" when raising kids - allowing them to explore and pursue what naturally interests them. For example, one of her daughters was always buying fabric and sewing as a teenager...yet with few finished products to show for it. That same daughter now has her own clothing line and is designer of some really beautiful textiles.

"Cutting with the grain" ... even when it seems like more trouble than it's worth, makes a big mess, and takes up precious time.
  • One child spends his free time poking around the computer and "writing code" for seemingly silly programs. Yet when he used Flash to compose a program that makes a rocket ship dance around the screen with the arrow keys ... I had to admit I was impressed.
  • One child has spent hours this week editing stock photos and discovering what happens when you alter hue, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • One child can't stop building pillow forts and obstacle courses - out of anything and everything. In of the house.
  • One child enjoys cooking and when she "plays," she plays with real ingredients and makes real recipes. She's quite good, actually. It's just that I don't always want a strawberry lassi right before lasagne for dinner.
It's so tempting to dismiss these things as mess-makers and time-wasters. (Not to mention a whole container of orange juice!) But I step out in faith, trusting that all this "exploring" will nourish their young souls. Hopeful that even if nothing else comes of it, at least my kids will know that their Mom is their encourager.

That's it for now. My 7yo "box man" has just delivered his fifth package in half an hour. I must go unwrap and see which of my own belongings is my gift .... ;)
{It was a roll of toilet paper, btw. Signed with the initials of the deliverer. I knew something was up when I heard a sibling yell, "What are you doing?!? Why are you writing on toilet paper!? LOL}

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Kate said...

hahah - that' so cute!! wow, just needed to read this - what a great reminder as it's all sooooo very true. thanks deary :)