Friday, June 24, 2011

On the Mission Field

So far summer break has been surprisingly busy. There seems to be no end to the duties required to wrap up the school year we just finished, as well as prepare for the one ahead. Yesterday was no exception - I put a lot of miles on the car, juggled many things, and fell in the bed exhausted. Definitely "must be Thursday." The turn-around time between things like VBS, summer trips, and summer visitors seems to be short - and makes me fiercely protect the quiet family times we have in the middle.

By God's grace, this week we've found time to enjoy the pleasure of each other's company and even slow down a little bit. A (6) has become quite the reader, and I've had fun sitting down with him each afternoon with a pile of library books. We both were fascinated by Roly-Poly Pillbugs and had to go on a hunt around our woods to find some. The girls and I finally planted the impatiens that have been sitting on the deck since I bought them in May (and miraculously survived!). We made playdough, did yard work, went swimming, and mopped the kitchen
(yes - that was fun family time, perhaps only b/c it was such a novelty. ;) I've shared alone time with each of my young men -had some good chats. Glad I took the time to listen to the new guitar tab S (16) has been learning -- he was so proud.

Even still, most of the house remains a mess, my time seems to run out too fast, there is a seemingly constant need to correct for character issues and sibling conflicts, and I wonder if I'll ever get around to all those projects I put off
during the school year thinking I'll have more time in the summer.

Below is a link to a great post on Desiring God to put it all in perspective. (By Rachel Jankovic, author of Loving the Little Years. Again, I tell you, a must-read!)

read the article here:

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