Tuesday, March 8, 2011

24/30 Feet of Clay

Ya'll know I'm not perfect, right? I'm deeply flawed. I'm the chief of sinners. I'm NOTHING save for the grace of God and the fact that my life is hidden with Christ in God.
Just checkin.
I'm not sure why I blog - I'm wrestling with that question right now, and considering closing DTNT. It's certainly not because I think the world is missing something if not graced by my foolish words and pictures. It's definitely not to make money. I think perhaps in part it's because I hope that someone else struggling with the same things I do will take comfort in knowing they're not the only one. And if there is any spiritual light I feel led to share, it's only because I need to hear the very same lesson myself.
Feet of clay.


Kate said...

do what you feel led to do. but know this. you always find a way to encourage me and put a smile on this face. :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I understand if you "leave", but I am one of the folks encouraged by your posts. LOVED the homemaking one and I read more there! Thanks!

Andrea said...

You must do what you know that God wants you to do. But know that you ARE encouraging to others, regardless of how often or how much you blog. It's a good place to place your thoughts, life lessons, beautiful photos, as well as keeping in touch with other like-minded people. Personally, I haven't let my blog take the time from me that it used to. BUT I still keep it because at some point I'd like to print it all out for my children (when they are older). I think that yours would be a gift for your kids as well!