Saturday, March 5, 2011


I was blessed by reading this post, and inspired to continue in my efforts to raise my daughters to be artful in their homes, to the glory of God.
***I do feel the need to note that our home doesn't always look this neat. In fact, rarely does it even come close! We live in it, after all. All seven of us. Some days, when life is at it's busiest, I feel like our house is just a shell - a place where we make messes in all our comings and goings, only stopping to eat and make another mess. Perfection in home-keeping is not my goal. Ever. But blessing the inhabitants of this home and doing my best to make it a haven for them is. Not that it's a goal I've attained, but one to keep striving for.

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Kate said...

LOooooooooooooooove that blue - so tranquil. :)