Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 & 11/30

a dozen farm-fresh free-range eggs, gathered by M(10) herself, right out of the hens' nests. she went with a friend to an organic farm about an hour outside of town. (good field trip since her science this year is from the apologia animals series.)
*those are blue, not white. not sure what kind of chicken they came from, but aren't they pretty? they're tiffany blue, M's fave shade. there were 3 blue ones, but i dropped one styling the photo. so it went in the breadmaker to become part of our dinner. i'll let ya know if it tastes any different. ;)


Kate said...

great shots! getting more creative you cute thang!

anna said...

beautiful eggs! the crocodile hunter is planning to raise chicks this year for 4-H, so I guess we will be looking forward to our own eggs! Love all the photos

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

thanks, Kate!

AM - I wish we could raise chickens! the kids would love it, and so would I ... remember how we all wished we could live like Laura Ingalls when we were kids? lol I think there's a city ordinance about it where I live, and I know my neighbors would not be too happy. oh, well. have fun with yours!