Monday, October 26, 2009

While on hiatus...

...among other things, I've been working on some Hidden Art. Ya'll know I love me some Hidden Art! (If you're not sure what I mean, look here for an old post, here for another one, and here for Edith Schaeffer's inspiring book.)

After several weeks of hunkering down and working hard to keep our little home and school on track, I just needed some beauty! You know what I mean? So I poked around on a couple of user-friendly decorating blogs (The Shabby Nest and The Nesting Place are my favorites - go check 'em out) I got inspired.

Now, remember, I'm no Martha Stewart. Don't wanna be. Just want to bring a little beauty into the lives of the people I love and make our home a haven. It all began when I found this little basket at Good*will. It used to be an icky shade of sea foam green. But I liked the shape and thought it would be a cute way to contain our keys, etc. on the kitchen counter. So my Sweetie spray painted it black for me. Isn't it cute? (I'm really loving the way black looks with my fun green kitchen paint. hmmm.... )I had noticed how both of the bloggers mentioned use monograms a lot in their decorating. Lettering is definitely a fun trend. Our guest bathroom has needed some art for a while, so I found an old picture frame, got out the black spray paint, and went to work. I removed the glass, cut a piece of burlap to size and used spray adhesive to stick it to a piece of cardboard (also, amazingly, cut to size LOL.) I looked and looked for a letter just the right size and shape at the craft store, but struck out. "C" is not a very pretty letter. But as I was about to give up, I found this little one in the dollar bin! It's really meant to be a little velvet coloring project for kids. But more black spray paint and voila! (I'm really getting addicted to black spray paint. And burlap. Just think of all the things we can do with them....)In the closeup you can see the how the "C" is embossed with little stars for coloring - oh well, adds texture, I say! The fern leaf was created using an inexpensive stencil and black acrylic craft paint. Next I tackled the need for art in the guest bedroom. I bought frames at I*kea months ago, but finally printed some of my photography to put in them. (The "Sisters" frame was a gift from - you guessed it - my sister! Aren't we cute?)Then I "shopped my house" for another set of frames and random accessories (and added some more of my photography.) My Sweetie helped me hang everything.Next I put away the pile of shoes and purses that tend to collect on our hearth and "shopped the house" for some happiness to put there. (The picture frame is another .99 GW find. I just added my 13yo son's favorite art print.)Throw in some little punkins from W*l-M*rt and the fireplace looks almost pretty. Speaking of WM, I found the most adorable ceramic pumpkin for $5! Added to a clearance charger and placemat and I ended up with a cute fall centerpiece.
I also prettied up the front porch. More burlap (yay), some beads I already had on hand, a welcome sign on clearance, a punkin and some mums on sale at the garden center.
All of these little changes were affordable and quick - we did most of it in one weekend afternoon - but make a big difference. A little frugal creativity can go a long way to achieving a little Hidden Art. That is Mrs. Schaeffer's main point, after all - that ordinary people can have beauty in their homes without spending a lot of money or being interior designers by trade. Simple. Cheap. Beauty.

Happy Fall Ya'll!


Kate said...

i love that frugal heart of yours so much!

Jenny said...

Jen, I so love your vision! You have such a talent for bringing out hidden art!

Anonymous said...

Cuteness!!! :) Great ideas!

Wendy said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!
PS - I'm kind of blogging again. ;)

Mary @ The Writer's Block said...

Love it!

I remember reading/hearing before that black is a great "anchor" color for rooms.

I intend to use more of it. ;)