Tuesday, August 4, 2009


If you were a fly on the wall in the Next Thing house this week, you might have heard...

"Can I do yogos on the map, Mom? Can't I? 3yo K asking to do yoga on the mat one morning. I had to stop laughing to say "yes." She tends to end all questions with a sweet little, lilting "can't I?" What - does she think that makes her hard to resist? She's right!

K's Dictionary
shaps ships -- chap stick
sssip sslops -- flip flops
precious -- princess
Blessed Jesus to Your Name -- title of her favorite song, "Blessed Be Your Name"

"I think 21 Gu*ns is the best song ever. It makes me cry." 12-going-on-13 yo C, commenting on music by Gre*en D*ay

"Mom, K had to go potty at 5am and I took her." 10 yo M being a sweet big sister. She's done a good job with the middle-of-the-night potty breaks and hugs now that K has a big girl bed and shares M's room.

That's some of the chatter happening around here. Go visit Mary's place for more Tiny Talk Tuesday.

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Mike Tant said...

Wonderful! I love it when you post these. I wish I was the fly on the wall.