Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ninth Grade Curriculum Plan

In case you're interested:
S – 9th Grade Curriculum Plan, 2009-2010
(S will be attending Veritas Classical School one day per week for humanities instruction. Their book list is copyrighted and is only available to registered students. So I can't list the books here, but trust me, they're good!)
Veritas Curriculum
Bible - New Testament Survey
History -U.S. History
American Literature
English - grammar, writing, vocabulary
Rhetoric / Debate
Greek I
(S. will also be taking an apologetics elective at a local a la carte homeschool enrichment program)
Apologetics -The Quest for Truth Chris Sherrod
At Home
Algebra I - Elementary Algebra Harold Jacobs
Physical Science - Exploring Creation with Physical Science Dr. Jay Wile
Fine Arts - Appreciation: Annotated Mona Lisa Carol Strickland
Young Persons Guide to Music Neil Ardley
The Story of Classical Music CD by Darren Henley
Various composer studies
Studio arts: Various drawing exercises
Guitar - weekly lesson & practice
PE - fitness training and various group classes at YMCA


Dianne said...

you have done a lot of work on this..good for you

she who must be obeyed said...

I see you have The Water Hole in your sidebar, I just got that book last week for our geography studies - I love it!!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Nice! Keep it up - school begins there soon I "hear" :)