Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Dresses & a Giveaway

I get so frustrated sometimes trying to find clothes for my girls. Especially as M (10) gets older. I want fun, feminine, modest clothes that are also comfortable. I sew a little bit, and if I weren't also trying to homeschool, run a home, and all that other stuff, I might just find the time to make some. But the reality is that isn't happening. So I must outsource that department for now.

I've discovered two great sources for lovely skirts and dresses that will make any "twirly" girl's heart sing.

First up is Cupcakes -- "tastefully sweet fashion." Check out their blog for samples of some precious dresses for spring.

Second is Amoretti. I love the sweet dresses and skirts. I also love their signature item, the "skirty." A skirty is a must for any girl (like my two) that prefers to wear skirts and dresses. Simply, the skirty is an undergarment, but a pretty one - covers like bike shorts but so much better looking! Check out their website here.

Now for the Giveaway ... Amoretti is giving away a skirty (and some other fun things) in their "Fortnightly Purse" blog. I'm hoping to win one for my warrior-princess! Click here to enter.

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she who must be obeyed said...

I LOVE the skirty - my girls have them and they are such a nice and girly solution.