Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Just a couple of nuggets that made me smile this week:
"This is a calamity and it bites and scratches." 3yo A, describing a pink stuffed poodle while playing "Animal Show."

"The Cave of the Cyclops is under the desk." 8 yo M, playing The Odyssey with A.

"One, two, apple!" 22 mo K is starting to talk a little more, and this is the way she counts. "apple" seems to stand for just about anything, from actual apples, to butter, to ladybugs, apparently!

Pop on over to Mary's place for more Tiny Talk Tuesday!


mom24 said...

Funny that they used the word 'calamity!' Dh was talking to Reagan (5) just today and used that word with her. Not your everyday word! But it sure does sound big to them!
So cute!

ET said...

Where do our kids pick up these big words?! You had me giggling... (well, actually your kiddos had me giggling)

jennifer h said...

Sweet photo of the kids in your sidebar!

Cute quotes, too.

Michelle said...

I always LOVE to read their quotes! I need to do something to keep up with my little ones quotes. They are so sweet!

onemotherslove said...

What a big word! My 3yo likes to call things "scratchy" after reading it in a book recently!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Loving the talk! Calamity...cyclops...what a house!

Bye Apple :)