Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The kiddos around here are full of constant chatter, keeping their father and me in stitches. Problem is, I don't record most of it and now I've forgotten! Oh, well, that's okay, though, because each day they come up with new sayings to make me smile. Today we are going to a small, local arts center that has hands-on activities for kids. The Littles are very excited and have a lot to say about it. Here are some samples from this morning:

"Mom, when can we go to da art wees-mees-um?" 3yo K., eager to get this party started

(nearly-5-yo A was at my bedside this am before my eyes were open, asking when we were going to leave) "Mom, when are we going to leave?"
"After we eat breakfast, do our chores, and get ready."
"Ok, I'm going to do my chore fishies now."
And off he went to start on his chores while I dragged myself out of bed and to the shower. Later he reappeared.

"Mom, look! I made two new fish. One for eating breakfast, and one for getting dressed!" He proudly showed me two little white paper fish he had drawn and cut out.
I get it , I get it - ya'll are excited to go to the art museum! Can I have my coffee first??

As a side note, the free pass we got from the local library is only admission for four, so the Big Boys are staying home. Last night I asked C, nearly-13yo, if he minded staying home. His reply,

"Sure! We can stay home and have 'bro time!' "

That's what the tiny (and not-so-tiny) ones are saying in this house today. Go visit Not Before 7 for more fun Tiny Talk Tuesday.

**ha ha ha - 10yo M just got up and walked over to me, "Good morning, Mommy. When are we leaving?" Guess I'd better go get this show on the road, huh? ;-)

(If you're curious about the "chore fish" - I'm planning to finally get that chore post going soon... check back later!)


Mary @ The Writer's Block said...

definitely interested in the chore fish!

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

I def want to hear more about the chore fish, as you can tell from my post we gotta get to work on some chore guidelines here at the circus. I love that he made his own, much like me adding things I've already done to my to do list just so I can cross them off... starts young I guess!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Are we bloggers THAT predictable? I was going to ask about the Chore Fish... :)

Hope you all FINALLY got there and had a blast!

Wendy said...

i would love to hear about it too. :)