Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My little corner of the world

What's been going on, you ask? Well... on the one hand, it feels like a whole lotta nuthin! On the other hand, I've been incredibly busy with daily life. You know the drill, the kind of busy where everyone gets fed, clothed, cleaned, and tutored each day and you fall into bed at night - only to get up and do it all over again. The weeks fly by, and poof! It's Thanksgiving before you know it!

That's ok, though. We've laughed, loved, learned, and served. K (2) continues to keep us in stitches with the funny things she says and does. The latest is her announcement that "I go bafroom you" each time I say I have to go to the bath*room. She runs in, lifts the lid, and stands ready to assist me in any way. Future attendant at a 5-star hotel? The Big 3 have enjoyed their enrichment classes, culminating in a medieval feast for M (9) and some pretty amazing President projects for S (14) and C (12). A's (4) obsession with the human body has been replaced with Spider-Man. Oh, well. Guess medical school will have to wait.

Now I'm turning my attention to Thanksgiving fun. We're reading our favorite Thanksgiving books (see the sidebar on the left), and planning our movable feast. We're heading back to the north GA mountains again this year and there is much to do ahead of time. But I'm looking forward to a fun holiday and some sweet "unplugged" family times.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Sound absolutely perfect! Enjoy Thanksgiving and your continual committment to unplug!

I have enjoyed the backing off as well. Amazing how much there is still to do each day, and how it continues on and on. But it is good stuff!

mom24 said...

Yes, it does seem like we just go, go, go until we sleep and then get up for the same again the next day. I have found very little energy or time for blogging or the computer - even having to force myself to update the kids' completed assignments in the computer software each evening.

Sometimes it seems so monotonous but then, I so enjoy this daily sharing of life with these kids. This time of year is so much fun for them and full of great seasonal things to do and learn! Hope you are taking a good amount of time off next week and that Thanksgiving is a blessed break!

The Small Scribbler said...

Time does rush by in the living of life doesn't it.

Your little bathroom attendant reminded me of my oldest when he was about two or three. "Here, Mama. I'll shut the bathroom door for you so you can have some privacy." (He was the one who had opened it in the first place to come keep me company.)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Melissa Lester said...

It was good to get your recent comment. I hope you have a great holiday season too. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving, and soon we'll be travelling to be part of Caitlin's first birthday celebration. Can you believe she'll be a year old already?

Jenny said...

Hey = we're reading Sarah Morton's Day too!!