Monday, October 6, 2008


I just had to share a glimpse of recess today at the Next Thing house. I went out to check on the kiddos and here's what I found:
-M (9) with a plastic knife and cup, cutting of sprigs of boxwood, pretending they are herbs for her "soup"
-C (12) hammering an old piece of crumbling concrete, just because. He said, "Mom, can I just keep hammering? It's fun."
-K (2) taking great delight in running in an out of the bushes - Laughing at herself when no one is looking
-S (14) watching over things and using sticks to make speed bumps for A (4),
who is racing down the grassy hill on his tricycle like Evil Kenevil
--and then... S taking his turn going over the speed bumps on A's little bike

It doesn't always look this happy, but I love it when they are all using their imaginations, enjoying each other's company, and (for the big boys) ignoring the world's notion that they're too old to "play."

Thank you, Lord, for this sweet vision of their childlike hearts!


Wendy said...

i love seeing moments like that w/my kids too.

mom24 said...

Good that you've taken the time to write these moments down, huh? So cute!