Friday, August 29, 2008

I made it!

The first week of school is under my belt and I feel pretty good about it. Granted, it was only a 3-day week, but hey...
Weekly report coming soon. For now, I've just got to say that I'm so happy to be organized this year!!!! With new babies and toddlers in the house, we spent a couple years being more relaxed in our daily routine. It worked for a time, but now we're all ready more structure.
The new schedule and clear lesson plans for the Big 3 made for a really smooth week. Not once did we make it through the whole thing on time, but that's okay. We still got all our lessons done and I even had time for a nap 2 of the 3 days! Yay!


Cathy said...

Glad for great start! Yeehaaa for naps!!!!

Wendy said...

yay! we start on tuesday and hoping i can say the same thing at the end of next week. :)

mom24 said...

Naps - my favorite!! Feel good to be started again, huh? I love the structure and the kids do better with it.
Good that you are prioritizing the computer time too!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh that is great! Congrats.