Saturday, July 26, 2008

Golden Wish List

While at B & N on our date last night, I went batty over this book:

Divine Proportion: Phi in Art, Nature, and Science by Priya Hemenway.

Ahh, the Golden Ratio. Found in the Parthenon, the pyramids, the works of great artists (including Da Vinci,) and all over nature. (C (11) tried his best to use the ratio when building his model Parthenon.) It can be found in the intervals of classic musical masterpieces. It's what makes the lovely spirals in nature so appealing. Consider this fiddle head fern we spotted on a nature hike in the spring:

Before you think I'm going all Da Vinci code on ya... consider this: All truth is God's Truth. God is a God of order and not chaos. Creation is full of examples of the beauty of His order. And we, as image-bearers reflect that with an inclination toward this orderly beauty.

As this book suggests, throughout history people have been drawn to this ratio and consider its proportions beautiful. Since one of my goals in educating my children is to nourish their love of truth, beauty, and goodness, this book is going on my wish list!


Liz said...

Jennifer - also check out The Number Devil - a "demon" (could just as easily be a fairy or an angel) that comes to a boy in his dreams and takes him to a magic land of numbers where all sort of neat math-y things happen. Good for opening up fun and cool math aspects of God's creation to 8-12 year olds (and older). - Liz Mays (now an 8th grade Algebra teacher - very part-time).

Mike said...

I can resist anything but temptation - I stopped by B&N and ordered a copy.