Monday, August 29, 2005

Seventh Grade Curriculum Plan

C – 7th Grade Curriculum Plan

Like his brother, C will be attending Veritas Classical Schools this year. As I said in the 9th grade post, the book list is copyrighted, but I can share a curriculum overview.

Veritas Curriculum
Bible New Testament Survey Bible, ESV
History World History & Geography, 1500 - Present
Literature Studying 7 clasic novels & 1 poetry anthology
English Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary
Informal Logic
C will also be attending the same a la carte enrichment program, where he will take:
Apologetics text: The Quest for Truth by Chris Sherrod
At Home
Math Fundamentals of Math by BJU Press (7th grade math text)
Science Answers in Genesis series - First Semester: God’s Design for Chemistry: Properties of Atoms & Molecules; Second Semester: God’s Design for Life: The Human Body
Fine Arts: Appreciation: Discovering Great Artists, Kohl
Young Persons Guide to Music Neil Ardley
The Story of Classical Music (cd)
Various artist & composer studies in the Charlotte Mason style)
Studio arts: Various drawing exercises
PE fitness training, group classes, and swimming at YMCA

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